Mathematics, statistics, and political science
A silly network model. “Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.” $16 million federal grant, published in Physical Review, featured in Freakonomics, . . . Andrew Gelman. Mathematics, statistics, and political science.
Statistical Models for Political Science Event Counts
Political science event counts. 839. (Robertson, 1984);the number of members of the House and Senate who switch political parties each year (King and Benjamin, 1985); the number of citizen-initiated and support-relatedpolitical activities engaged in and reported by Soviet CmigrCs (Di Franceisco and Gitelman, 1984);the number of coups d'etat per year for black African states (Johnson, Slater, and McGowan, 1984).
Political Science | U-M LSA Political Science
Undergraduate Program Information Discover the many subfields of Political Science and opportunities through our Undergraduate Program. Emerging Scholars Conference for Graduate Studies 2015 Emerging Scholars Conference hosted undergraduate students from across the nation to present their work as well as get a taste for graduate life in the department. Graduation 2015 Spring Class of 2015 Graduates of Political Science.
10 December
Political Science 706 R.A. Francisco
M. Stephen Weatherford, "Measuring Political Legitimacy," American Political Science Review 86:1 (March 1992): 149-166. 14 March: Inference for Proportions; Adding Scalars & Matrices; Regression. Inference, confidence intervals and significance tests for a single proportion. ... 2 May: Nonparametric Statistics. What is an nonparametric statistic?
26 April
Political Science: PhD Admissions and Enrollment Statistics
Registration Policies. Academic Credit and Courses. Withdrawals and Leaves of Absence. ... Graduate Student Statistical Summary. 2014-15. 2015-16.
17 August
Course Objective | Political Science 8001: Political Statistics I
Temple University Department of Political Science. Political Science 8001: Political Statistics I. Fall 2012 Semester. ... 341 Gladfelter Hall. Course Objective: This is an introduction to research methodology and quantitative analysis for political scientists.
Introduction to statistics
INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS FOR POLITICAL SCIENCE: 1. Introduction. Stephen Ansolabehere Department of Political Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ... 1. Introduction. Statistical tools are essential for social scientists. Basic concepts of statistics, especially randomness and averaging, provide the foundations for measuring concepts, designing stud-ies, estimating quantities of interest, and testing theories and conjectures.
Political Science - Holgate Library Research Guides
Research Guides Home? > ?Political Science? > ?. ... FedStats supports a community of practice for over 100 agencies engaged in the production and dissemination of official federal statistics, and provides the public with a showcase of information, tools and news related to official Federal statistics.
22 March
What is Political Science? | Department of Political Science
Political science focuses on the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national, and international levels. We are dedicated to developing understandings of institutions, practices, and relations that constitute public life and modes of inquiry that promote citizenship. Some of the major subfields are described below.
25 April
PLS 900: Statistical Models for Political Science Data
We will start by developing an understanding of likelihood as a mode of statistical infer-ence and then apply popular maximum likelihood models within political science research. We will then proceed to discuss other methodological issues/practices common to political science and how we address/utilize them. ... PLS 900. Box-Steensmeier, Janet M. and Bradford S. Jones. 2004. Event History Modeling: A Guide for Social Scientists. New York: Cambridge University Press.
JEFF GILL | Political Science, January 2014–May 2014.
Faculty Associate, Institute for Quantitative Social Science, July 2006–July 2007. University of Florida Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, May 2002–December 2003. ... DMC Telecom Director of Sales, Europe, June 1988–June 1992. IBM Corporation Associate Engineer/Scientist, Federal Systems Division, June 1984–June 1988.
Requirements for a Major in Political Science
The curriculum in Political Science is designed to provide knowledge and under-standing of the basic concepts of political science, the fundamental theories of the state and its evolution, the national and international political forces and the con-stitutional system. The major or minor sequence in Political Science may serve as basic undergraduate preparation for (1) entrance into graduate school, (2) entrance into law school, (3) a career in public service, or (4) the teaching of government, civics...
Department of Political Science | Vanderbilt University
Specializations: Comparative Political Economy, Political Institutions, Gender and Politics, Experimental Methods, African Politics. Joshua D. Clinton Professor Abby and Jon Winkelried Chair Co-Director, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions Editor in Chief, Quarterly Journal of Political Science Office Hours: Wednesdays 8:00-9:00 a.m., 1:00-2:00 p.m., and by appointment.
17 August
Social Science Analytics Certificate | Department of Political...
Such opportunities to work directly with peers from different, non-mathematical sciences disciplines represent an invaluable component of an undergraduate statistic student’s education. What is a Certificate? ... Social Science Analytics is an undergraduate Certificate offered through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) and is supported by the departments of Geography and Sustainability Sciences, Political Science, Sociology, and Statistics and Actuarial Sciences.
11 August
Political Science | Catalog
Political science is concerned with contemporary public affairs, problems in other political systems and contemporary international politics, as well as with historical growth, evolution, and decline of various types of governments. The many career opportunities which might be available to political science graduates include teaching at the secondary level; positions with the federal government in areas such as intelligence, foreign affairs, environmental protection, and budget and computer administration...
Political Methodology | Political Science
Gary W. Cox, William Bennett Munro Professor of Political Science. In addition to numerous articles in the areas of legislative and electoral politics, Cox is author of The Efficient Secret (winner of the 1983 Samuel H Beer dissertation prize and the 2003 George H Hallett Award), co-author of Legislative Leviathan (winner of the 1993 Richard F Fenno Prize), author of Making Votes Count (winner of the 1998 Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award, the.
22 December
Do school vouchers improve academic performance? In addition, the daily news bombards us with research findings and statistical information frequently used in political science research (public opinion polls, stock market reports, unemployment figures, crime statistics, student test scores, and so on).
Writing in the Disciplines: Political Science - Integrating...
3.1 Appropriate Sources for Political Science Papers 3.2 Using Statistical and Data Analysis in Papers 3.3 Forming and Testing Hypotheses 3.4 Including Charts, Tables, and Graphs 3.5 Citing Sources. 3.1 Appropriate Sources for Political Science Papers Because Political Science covers a wide range of topics – from Political Theory to regression analysis – the sources appropriate for use will vary between papers. Still, a few general remarks hold true.
21 February
Michael J. New
Education Stanford University Ph.D. Political Science, June 2002 Dissertation: A Comparison of Fiscal Discipline Measures Passed Through The Citizen Initiative To Fiscal Discipline Measures Enacted Through Other Means. ... University of Alabama, Various Years. Teaching Interests Public Administration Public Budgeting and Finance, Policy Analysis, Political Economy Statistical Methods Introductory Statistics, Intermediate Statistics, Advanced Statistics American Politics Introduction to American Politics...
MS in Applied Statistics - NYU Steinhardt
What can I do with a master's in applied statistics? Our curriculum prepares you for a career as an applied statistician and data scientist in the private or public sector, working in fields such as psychology, education, political science, public policy, media research, and healthcare. You'll also be prepared for further academic study in a variety of academic disciplines that require quantitative analysis.
2 June
Project MUSE - Unifying Political Methodology
In his book, Unifying Political Methodology, King shows how the likelihood theory of inference offers a unified approach to statistical modeling for political research and thus enables us to better analyze the enormous amount of data political scientists have collected over the years. ... -Charles Franklin, American Political Science Review "King's book is one of the only existing books which deal with political methodology in a clear and consistent framework.
25 February
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24 June
Univariate Statistics
Block 13 Objective 1: The role of statistics in political science research. ... In sum, a descriptive statistic is a mathematical summary of measurements for one variable. Inferential statistics, on the other hand, use sample data to make statements about the population. Descriptive and inferential statistics provide explanations for complex political phenomena that deal with relationships between variables.
16 March
POL 451: Statistical Methods in Political Science
Tentative Course Plan. POL 451: Statistical Methods in Political Science. Fall 2007. Kosuke Imai Department of Politics, Princeton University. ... It is intended as a rst course on probability and statistical methods in the social sciences. One main focus of the course is the key question of how to use statistics to make causal inferences, which are the main goals of most social science research.
Political Science
Political Science statistically insignificant with a chi-square statistic of 0.143976. Hotline Calls -- This research aimed to find out if the number of calls to the National Human Trafficking Hotline had a significant relationship to the states passing laws to stop human trafficking. The chi-square statistic was determined to be 5.92.
Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Requirements for the Master of Arts in Political Science (M.A.) The Master of Arts program at The University of Toledo is designed to help students become thoroughly grounded in the knowledge base and research methods of political science. We offer study in five areas of the discipline: American Government (including state and local politics), Comparative Government, International Relations, Political Theory, and Methodology.
23 April
Associate in Arts in | Political Science
Write or speak about topics in Political Science, thereby addressing problems, formulating theses, making arguments, analyzing and weighing evidence, and deriving conclusions. • Demonstrate an ability to understand one’s role in society, take responsibility for one’s own actions, and make ethical decisions in complex situations. •
Political science | UC Admissions
If you're working on an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) in political science at your community college with the goal of applying to CSU as well as UC, there's a lot of overlap in coursework. The difference between what UC expects and what CSU requires for political science transfer students is that UC does not include introduction to political science nor statistics/research methods as options to fulfill its course expectations.
13 January
Department of Management Science and Statistics < The...
Government-Political Science. 6. Social and Behavioral Sciences. ... Statistical Quality Control. To substitute another course for one of the above electives, a student should submit a petition to their academic advisor and receive approval from the chair of the Management Science and Statistics department or department designee before registering for the course.
2 October
Joint M.a. in statistics / ph.D. in political science
PhD students in the political science department have the opportunity to enroll in a joint MA program with the department of Statistics. ... Earn a grade of B or better in six approved courses in Statistics, including STAT 605, 519, and 615; Complete a dissertation project that has strong statistical content that has been approved by the Director of Graduate Studies in Statistics (or another person authorized by the Chair of the Statistics Department).
28 November
3350 Political Science
7 April
Political Science < Yale University
18 July
Real Stats: Using Econometrics for Political Science and...
Real Stats: Using Econometrics for Political Science and Public Policy. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015. » More information about this publication.
1 April
Department of Political Science
BA in Political Science. Minimum degree requirement is 126 s.h. of credit as follows: Foundations curriculum (For information about courses that carry foundations curriculum credit see Liberal Arts Foundations Curriculum.) ... POLS 4310. Public Policy and the Media (3) (S) (FC:SO). Electives in Political Science (15 s.h.) Choose 15 s.h. from any of the fields above and from the following: POLS 3011.
16 September
Political Science
U. T. Permian Basin’s Political Science program is oriented primarily toward the study of American government and politics and secondarily toward comparative government with supporting study in international relations. Students will be encouraged to develop a global perspective which will prepare them to assume leadership roles in shaping the future direction of society.
Political Science - Statistic Major Advising: Political...
The Department offers the Major in Statistics, the Concentration in Statistics, and interdisciplinary majors with Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, and Political Science. The concentration is suitable for students preparing for work or study where substantial skills in data analysis are valued and may be taken without mathematical prerequisites.
23 August
Political Science | Beloit College
The department of political science seeks to make the study of politics and international relations an integral part of the liberal education of Beloit students, providing a coherent, comprehensive introduction to the discipline of political science for them. To further these purposes, faculty actively engage in the political world and scholarship about it, and the department offers courses that encourage the thoughtful consideration of political aims, institutions, processes and problems.
24 February
Research Methods in Political Science Logistic Regression...
In political science, most researchers use the more conservative Cox and Snell pseudo R2 statistic. ... "Controlling for differences in political ideology, GPA, and the extent to one agrees with the statement 'I follow politics closely,' being a male student increases the likelihood of voting by 1.46 times." The political ideology variable is coded 1-7, where each one unit increase means that a student self-identified as being increasingly "liberal."
18 August
Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL)
Multi-Subject Resources Anthropology/Sociology Economics/Labor Relations Education Ethnic Studies Gender & LGBT Studies Geography Health/Medicine Kinesiology Library & Information Science Political Science Psychology/Social Work Recreation, Sport & Tourism Speech and Hearing Science.
14 November
Applied Statistics | Department of Political Science
Master of Arts in Political Science (2 years). ... We will learn how to work with data, how to do all the statistical examples we conducted in the first 6 weeks using a computer and more (including multiple regression and the testing of its assumptions). Following the leading trend in social science research, we use the free and open source software R for this class.
15 September
Department of Political Science | Towson University
Department of Political Science. We live in a world of rapidly developing economic, environmental, demographic, and defense challenges. ... Gain a deeper understanding of politics and develop the values required to become an active citizen of our nation and of the world through the department’s undergraduate programs. As a political science major, you will examine political phenomena critically, communicate political ideas effectively, and develop a greater appreciation for the political process.
26 December
ALSO: Political Science 488, 489, 495: Internships...
• Political Science 203: Foundations of Public Policy. Statistics Requirement: One of the following. • Economics 205: Statistical Methods • Political Science 301: Introduction to Quantitative Methods • Psychology 270: Statistics • Sociology 350: Elements of Social Statistics.
11 May
Reed College | Political Science | Political Science...
Enrollment Priority Policy. AP/IB Credit Policy. Policy Regarding Transfer Of Credits For Political Science. Political Science Policy on Interdisciplinary Ad Hoc Majors. Since most Political Science courses are taught as conferences of 24 or less, we apply Enrollment Priority Policy criteria twice; first, on the last day of classes of spring semester; and second, the first day of class.
13 February
Political Methodology | Department of Political Science
Political Methodology is a basic component of modern Political Science. The OSU field in Political Methodology includes a wide variety of courses and related programs. ... The statistical methodology courses that are offered on a yearly basis: Math Workshop for Political Science Research Design Basic Statistics Regression Analysis Maximum Likelihood Analysis.
22 January
Political Science 15 | Statistic
Political Science 15. Lecture 11: Sampling and Statistical Inference. Using Statistics to Test Hypotheses. n We have now seen all the descriptive statistics we will cover in this class. We already have some idea of how these statistics are related to our hypotheses (i.e., a positively sloping regression line). n However, we might get non-zero statistics by chance.
Class 2—Political Science 531 The Most Basic Statistical...
R Code 1 # # This next tells you the sum of squared residuals for the least 2 # # squares fit 3 ( l e a s t . s q u a r e s . c r i t e r i o n ( y = news.df $r , x = news.df $z , beta = ls.beta )) R Output [1] 2826 Class 2—Political Science 531 The Most Basic. Statistical Inference — Fisher’s Hypothesis Test– Spring 2013 – 2 4. So, we are starting to raise some questions that come from beyond our data by asking whether the slope could be 0. Last week, when we thought about fitting a line to data, we were doing description...
2 August
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13 June
Gettysburg College - Faculty & Staff | Political Science News
Donald M. Borock Chairperson, Political Science Chairperson/Associate Professor, Political Science Academic Focus: International Relations; US Foreign Policy. Shirley Anne Warshaw Harold G. Evans Professor of Eisenhower Leadership Studies, Political Science. ... Robert E. Bohrer Associate Professor, Political Science Academic Focus: Comparative Politics, European Politics, Institutional Design.
8 February
Below is a sample of the career options available for the political science, prelaw, or public administration major. A few of these require an associate degree, most require a bachelor’s degree, and some require a graduate-level degree: politician, political scientist, political campaign worker, lawyer, legal assistant, legal researcher, government employee, agency director, historian, high school or college instructor, research assistant, consultant, administrative aide to a public official, budget analyst, lobbyist, city planner, administrator...
Political Science
The political science program at Aurora University is designed to prepare students for careers in public policy and public administration. Students from program will learn the knowledge and skills from the public sector to enter business and industry, criminal justice, government service, and graduate or law school. Most political science majors enter the business and professional world immediately upon graduation.
Associate Degree Major Requirements in Political Science
2. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0. Students are also required to earn a “C” grade or higher in all courses required for the major or area of emphasis.?? Associate Degree Major Requirements in Political Science. ... Statistic for Business & Economics. 3.
26 January
Program of study
Political Science is the systematic study of politics, political institutions and governmental processes by the application of scientific methods of analysis and critical examination. ... Courses in political science enable students to study and understand how political and governmental institutions make and implement decisions and the effects those decisions have on individual, group, and societal behavior.
History and Political Science | History and Political Science
Political Science Program. Is This Degree For You. What Can I Do With This Degree? ... View History and Political Science Announcements. View Utah Valley University Calendar of Events.
7 January
Political Science
Political Science is the scientific study of politics, structure of governments at the national, state and local levels, policy making and policy makers. As such, it encompasses a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects, including economics, history, law, and philosophy. One major concern of political science is educating each generation of how democracy works, what are its benefits relative to other governmental systems.
8 March
UCF Political Science
11 August
Political science & government
Political science & government. What can I do with this major? AREAS. GOVERNMENT Public Policy Research Regional Planning City or Town Management Intelligence Foreign Service Law Enforcement Legislative, Executive, or Judicial Services Program Administration. LAW. POLITICS Elected or Appointed Leadership Campaign Management Staff Administration Special Interest Advocacy.
Course Descriptions | University of Pittsburgh
History of Art and Architecture (HAA) Intelligent Systems (ISSP) Irish (IRISH) Italian (ITAL) Japanese (JPNSE) Jewish Studies (JS) Korean (KOREAN) Latin (LATIN) Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) Linguistics (LING) Mathematics (MATH) Medieval and Renaissance St. (subjs vary) Music (MUSIC) Neuroscience (NROSCI) Persian (PERS) Philosophy (PHIL) Physical Education (PEDC) Physics (PHYS) Polish (POLISH) Political Science (PS) Portuguese (PORT) Psychology (PSY) Quechua (QUECH) Religion...
15 December
Some Political Science with Simple Stats
Some Political Science Published Works that Use Simple Statistical Procedures. A fair number of political science students don't see the relevance of statistics for their political science B.A. (or M.A. or Ph.D.) degree. ... 2005. "Are Political Orientations Genetically Transmitted?" American Political Science Review 99 (2, May): 153-168. » bivariate correlations, z-score tests for significance in differences between correlations. Beck, Paul Allen.
26 February
Political Science Catalog - Lamar University
27 January
Associate in arts for transfer | POLITICAL SCIENCE (18 units)
Depending upon the student’s chosen course of study, the program may also include Comparative Politics (institutional structures, processes, and political cultures), International Relations (structure and operation of the international system), and/or Political Philosophy (ideas about human nature, power, justice, and the state). Upon completion of the Associate in Arts in Political Science for Transfer (AA-T)...
Political Science < University of Missouri
Political science is concerned with government, politics and public policies. In political science courses, students learn how government operates and how to analyze and evaluate public policies and political ideas. This training can help students be more effective as active citizens, as political leaders and as government administrators.
7 July
UCLA Department of Political Science
Students must also take one statistics course from Political Science 6, 6R, Statistics 10 or Statistics 12. PS 6 or 6R may be taken for credit and is not considered a repeat of content if another of the listed statistics courses has already been taken. Students must complete all premajor courses with a 2.0 grade-point average by the time they attain 135 units.
20 August
Political Science
Introduction to Political Science.3. ... Courses in bold type satisfy Del Mar College Core Curriculum. ® COSC 1301 Introduction to Computers and Information Sciences; ITSC 1301 Introduction to Computers; or ITSC 1309 Integrated Software Applications I. Students should check specific requirements of the college or university to which they plan to transfer.
Political Science - Tacoma Community College
The study of Political Science enables you to understand the processes by which human beings create and maintain communities and try to advance the values of those communities, such as order, liberty, equality, justice and prosperity. TCC's outstanding Political Science Program provides you a direct pathway toward successful transfer into a bachelor program in Political Science or related field.
24 June
Department of Political Science
Research in the social sciences
Search Engines. Political science. Quantitative research. ... It provides links to information produced by a number of Federal agencies. All of the information included in the Social Statistics Briefing Room is maintained and updated by the statistical units of those agencies. All the estimates for the indicators presented in the Federal Statistics Briefing Rooms are the most currently available values."
8 September
Political science & government
Political science & government. What can I do with this degree? AREAS. GOVERNMENT Public Policy Research Regional Planning City or Town Management Intelligence Foreign Service Law Enforcement Legislative, Executive, or Judicial Services Program Administration. LAW. POLITICS Elected or Appointed Leadership Campaign Management Staff Administration Special Interest Advocacy.
International Political Economy Major • Political Science...
Remaining units must come from the Comparative Politics and International Relations subfields, including at least one unit from each. Students may take a maximum of one pre-approved elective from outside the Department of Political Science. The Colorado College catalog lists political science courses by subfield.
9 December
Political Science
Political Science. Develop a broad understanding in American and international politics, law and government. About the Major. ... A major in Political Science consists of 33 semester hours and distributed across the three fields of American Politics, International and Comparative Studies, and Political Theory. At least 18 hours must come from courses numbered between 300 and 380.
27 March
Political Science Degree This degree provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of political science. It stresses the systematic study of politics, political institutions and governmental processes, state and local government, public policy, foreign policy, international relations, comparative politics, and political theory.
Online Political Science Degree | BA Program | SNHU
Explore Political Strategies in the Online Political Science Degree Program. Politically charged and civically engaged, New Hampshire has a seat at the head of the election table with the first-in-the-nation primary. From this position, Southern New Hampshire University’s Bachelor of Arts in Political Science will give you a unique perspective on the relationship between the U.S. political system, public perception and the policies that shape government.
21 January
Political Science - 2010-2012 Graduate Catalog - UT Dallas
The Master of Arts in Political Science further can satisfy the interests and talents of students who "fast-track" in the Political Science undergraduate program and who want an additional year of more rigorous, sharply focused graduate coursework in Political Science. ... Students have access to the computing facilities in the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences and the University’s Computing Center.
5 September
Areas of study and the departments offering courses for International Affairs students include Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, foreign languages and cultures. Specialized options include: § Asia § Europe § Latin America § North America § Diplomacy, Law, and Organization § International Environmental Studies § International Political Economy.
POLSC-155 Topics in Political Science
Political science courses offer insight into events at the local, state, national, and international level. Students develop critical thinking and other useful skills for a broad range of careers including education, public service and law. Most career options require more than two years of college study.
Of course, some political science majors will decide to work directly in politics, whether as lobbyists, advisors, campaign managers, fundraisers, or by running for office themselves. Common concentrations within the political science undergraduate major include: • American government • Comparative politics • International relations • International security • Law • Public policy • Political economy • Political theory.
Political Science — Undergraduate Bulletin 2016-2017
1300 INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL SCIENCE A survey of the discipline of political science designed to introduce students to important theories, concepts, issues, in the study of political behavior, phenomena, and processes. The course will cover the major subfields of political science, including political theory, research methods, American government, comparative politics, public administration, public policy, and international relations.
30 March
Political Science at Ohio University
Ohio University > College of Arts and Sciences > Political Science > Political Science. ... Make a difference and develop political science skills at Ohio University.
10 September
Political Science: Law & Public Policy Emphasis
Political science is the study of government, public policy, and the political behavior of individuals and groups. Political science uses humanistic and scientific perspectives to examine relationships among societies and nations in all countries and regions of the world. The major introduces students to concepts in politics, policy issues, and the structure of governments.
2 July
Assistant Professor of Political Science, California Institute of Technology, July 1995 – March 1998. Post-Doctoral Fellow in Positive Political Economy, Harvard University, July 1994 – June 1995. Jonathan N. Katz. ... CQ Press Award for Best Paper in Legislative Politics Presented at the 1996 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association.
Academics | Denison University
Research, Fellowships & Scholarships. First-Year Program. Richard G. Lugar Program in Politics & Service. ... Oak Ridge Science Semester.
12 September
Political Science | Catalog
Political Science. Program Description. The study of politics is the study of how people are governed and how they govern themselves, and this process involves, among other things, the decision to allocate scarce resources to an expanding population with ever-increasing demands.
Political Science | Catalog
The goal of Political Science at BYU-Idaho is to challenge students to develop an understanding of governmental institutions and politi-cal systems. The major invites students to critically evaluate the LDS members’ role in national and international politics. Majors are exposed to the different subelds and associated theories in the aca-demic study of political science.
Political Science - Academic Programs - CSU Channel Islands
Political Science. Visit Program Website. You’re addicted to politics. You’re fascinated by how people, power and policy shape the world around us and impact our everyday lives. You care about improving your community, solving societal problems and inequities, and influencing government and public policy. As a student in the Political Science program, you’ll gain valuable insight, experience and analytical skills by studying one of civilization’s most powerful and influential forces.
16 August
Political Science
Political Science students develop many skills that employers in many fields desperately need: · Analytic skills, to formulate and solve problems · Argumentative skills, to construct useful analogies and elicit hidden. assumptions · Research skills, to integrate diverse data · Communication skills, to express thoughts clearly and precisely. ... POLS 4101. Political Statistics. Introduction to analysis of quantitative data, and statistical hypothesis testing.
Political Science seeks to understand, to explain, and - sometimes - to evaluate how humans live and work together in public ways. To do so, political scientists focus on what happens in and around government and politics, how humans cooperate with and how they fight against one another, why some nations succeed and others fail.
Fourth Level (Economics & Statistics & Political Science)
For Political Science Specialization. First Term. PA 441- Public Policy Analysis (Arabic). ... The Minor Channel opens to students belonging to different departments where a group of courses are offered representing a minor specialization in Public Administration. - Third Level (Economics & Statistics & Political Science). First Term: PA 342-Human Resources Management (Arabic).
Westminster College - Political Science
Why Study Political Science at Westminster? Discover the answers to "big questions"-the nature of a good life, causes of war and terrorism, characteristics of a just society, prospects for peace, and how political leaders wield power, meet challenges, and achieve noble purposes. Learn about politics and government in small classes from experienced and dedicated professors who are considered experts in their field and who know you and take pride in mentoring you to success.
27 June
Political Science | Catalog
At the University of West Florida, Political Science Pre-Law is a rigorous and rewarding program. Students take courses in political theory, American government and constitutional law, as well as in history, economics, philosophy, literature, communications, and statistics or computer science.
Political science and public administration
The discipline of political science which studies systematically the recurring patterns of events in politics, is divided into five subdisciplines: political theory, comparative politics, international relations, national (Turkish) politics and public administration. The undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the Department aim to provide a balanced education and training in these five subdisciplines.
21 November
Major in Political Science (BA)
Political Science majors must complete 11 courses (36 semester hours) from departmental offerings or from courses of study approved by the department. To declare a major, please come to the department office located in Tarbutton Hall, Room 327. ... These courses must include the following: QTM 100: Introduction to Statistical Inference [4 credit hours]*. POLS 100: National Politics in the United States (preferably by the end of the fifth semester) [3 hours].
20 January
The City University of New York
More Winners Twelve capture 2017 National Science Foundation awards ». Follow Your Team! Baseball, softball, tennis and more ». ... Science Daily: How songbirds teach themselves songs. Financial Times: Facebook launches $14M collaborative news literacy project ››.
29 June
Department of Political Science < University of California...
The curriculum is organized into four areas: American politics, political theory, international relations, and comparative politics. In addition to the traditional fields of political science, the department offers an introductory course in Law and a variety of upper-division courses where students can explore specialized areas in Law.
18 October
John e. mcnulty
Fields: American Politics, Political Behavior, and Methodology. M.A., University of California at Berkeley, Political Science, 1999. Thesis: “Republican Rise in the Rebel South”. ... B.S., University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, Economics, 1993 Triple Concentrations: · Marketing · Statistics · Political Science. 1. John e. mcnulty.
Careers | Department of Political Science
Students who major in political science have gone into careers in law, business, teaching, journalism, government and political activism. While the demand for lawyers may vary at different times, there is a constant need for able attorneys in a country like our own, and in some areas (for example, environmental and consumer law, international business law) that demand will inevitably grow.
5 May
Political Science
Political Science. Bachelor of Arts Major Code: 20 Major 36 Semester Hours. ... Three elective upper-level Political Science courses. Students must complete a portfolio containing two papers from upper level courses.
28 December
The University of Chicago Library - The University of Chicago...
How Do I Find Articles? | eResources Policy. ... Web of Science. WorldCat. Chicago Manual of Style.
15 December
Political Science - The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill
Defining politics and political science. Political scientist Harold Laswell said it best: at its most basic level, politics is the struggle of “who gets what, when, how.” This struggle may be as modest as competing interest groups fighting over control of a small municipal budget or as overwhelming as a military stand-off between international superpowers.
1 June
Courses: Department of Political Science - Northwestern...
Courses outside Political Science and at other Universities. The number of courses taken outside the department of Political Science during the first two years of study that can satisfy the coursework requirement for the doctorate is limited to 3. This limit can be raised if necessary to complete a TGS approved special credential.
6 September
Political Science · Kenyon College
In political science at Kenyon, we study the purposes, limitations and significance of politics in human life. Analyzing American and world politics, faculty work with students to evaluate political arguments and public policies. ... Why study political science at Kenyon? You’ll be part of a small and vibrant intellectual community that debates current events and the most profound, enduring issues of public life.
17 July
Political Science Theses and Dissertations | Statistics
Black political thought James Baldwin kinship political identification racial politics solidarity If We Were Kin: Race, Identification, and Intimate Political Appeal Electronic Thesis or Dissertation 10000-01-01 Ph.D. doctoral Department of Political Science University of Oregon.
BA – Political Science and Secondary Social Studies...
Students should also meet with the faculty advisor in Political Science designated to work with secondary licensure students, King Center Suite 504, 303-556-3556. Students complete the UCD Campus Core, CLAS Graduation Requirements & UEDU4930 at the time of application to the UCTE program and/or be registered for the remaining coursework. ... R MATH 2830-3 Introductory Statistics. KNOWLEDGE AREAS: Arts – 3 sem hr.
Political Science
Bachelor of Arts - Political Science (37 credits) Students in the political science program at St. Cloud State University learn how governments and political parties influence policies and practices around the world. You'll study the role voters, nonvoters and polling play in political and government decision-making. Through a range of core courses, you'll get a local and global perspective on government, international relations and political theory.
History & Political Science, B.A.
POLITICAL SCIENCE CONCENTRATION - 49 CREDIT HOURS Complete the following: Pos 101 American Government Pos 493 Political Science Capstone Seminar. 3 1. ... 3 3. OR: Complete the following math sequence: Mat 201 Probability and Statistics I Mat 202 Probability and Statistics II. 3 3. Select ONE of the following International Relations courses*
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Global Politics and Policy Honours H1256. Graduate Certificate in Legal Practice (GradCertLP) C1132. Graphic Design B1316 B1316A. ... Mathematics and Statistics Honours H1257. Media Production G1056. Mineral Science B1317.
22 September
404 | The University of Virginia
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15 December
Our History
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12 February
While no background in statistics, political science is required, students are expected to be generally familiar with contemporarycomputing environments (e.g. know how to use a computer) and have a willingness to learn a wide variety of data science tools. ... Comparative analysis of the political systems of Britain, France and West Germany, focusing on the making and implementation of public policy. Page 1 of 28. Political science (as) {psci}.
Ba: political science
Ba: political science: NOTE: This 4-year plan should be used in conjunction with regular consultation with an advisor. If 24 or more transfer hours. ... Additional General Education. Political POL 210 Science POL 220 foundations MAT 152. Comparative Politics International Politics Statistical Methods I. 3 POLS 1130 (and LBST 2102 exemption) 3 POLS 1150 4 STAT 1220 (3) + lab credit (1). 3 3 4.
Ph.D. Program - Political Science - College of Liberal Arts...
PoliticalScience » Graduate Degrees » Ph.D. Program. ... Our doctoral program is premised on the assumption that students possess a strong intellectual interest in political science. We have structured coursework requirements to enable you to acquire a sound understanding of the methodology of political science, an excellent knowledge of your major area of concentration and good knowledge of two other minor fields.
29 January
Department of History and Political Science - Florida...
The program in political science offers a broad selection of courses and activities adapted to the needs of students who plan careers in law; the several levels of government, including the foreign (diplomatic) service; international organizations; international business and industrial organizations; private enterprise; public relations; research; teaching; and active politics.
7 October
Political Science Major | Statistics Component
Majors must complete at least 33 credits of coursework: 30 credits from within Political Science (31 for those completing the departmental capstone rather than an honors thesis), plus three credits outside the Department from the options in Requirement 3 (below). Only four credits of honors thesis research may be counted in the total.
26 September
American Association of Universities
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15 December
How to Write a Political Science Research Paper
Follow the citation style used in the American Political Science Review. (The APSR is the preeminent journal for political scientists.) ... Primary materials include official documents, government hearings, treaties, State Department bulletins, speeches, memoirs, interviews, World Bank and International Monetary Fund statistics, government statistics.
27 February
Chapter: Public Statistics and Democratic Politics
Numbers and Decisionmaking. Public Statistics arid Democratic Politics KENNETH PREWITT If, to paraphrase Harold Lasswell, politics has become how much for how many, it is clear that measurement moves toward the center of political life. ... Pp. 434-48 in Thomas J. Kuehn and Alan L. Porter, eds., Science, Technology, and National Policy. Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press. Horton, Frank 1983 Federal Government Statistics and Statistical Policy.
9 October
Courses and Programs - The University of Queensland...
Policies & rules.
30 November
Undergraduate Program // Department of Political Science...
Political Science offers over 50 different courses each semester with extensive offerings in American Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Political Theory. Students choose from a large number of courses and also may take an ample number of classes in their area of interest. An understanding of Political Science equips students with a strong base of knowledge and with the tools of political analysis.
25 January
January 6, 2000
Professor, August 1990-August 1999, in Departments of Statistics and Political Science. Vice Chair, Department of Political Science, January 1, 1993nJune 30, 1994. ... Ph.D.: University of Wisconsin-Madison, December 1977 (Political Science). Academic Distinctions and Honors: Certificate of Educational Development, Science Research Associates, Inc., 1967.
26 December
Revolutions Without Enemies: Key Transformations in Political
merican political science is a congenitally unsettled discipline, witnessing a number of movements designed to reorient its fundamental character. Four prominent movements are compared here: the statism accompanying the discipline’s early professionalization, the pluralism of the late 1910s and early 1920s, behavioralism, and the Caucus for a New Political Science (with a brief glance at the more recent Perestroika).
Departments of Statistics and Environmental Science Policy...
ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Candidates must have a PhD or equivalent degree in a statistical field such as Statistics or Computer Science or in a field of statistical application such as biology, ecology, environmental science, political science, psychology, education, public health or related field by appointment start date.
Denotes Masters Degree
International Studies. Lab Science/Med.Tech. Management - Sample 2. ... Political Science - Sample 2.
2 March
William Paterson University Course Catalog
Mathematics Minor Media Studies Minor Middle East Studies Music Management Minor Music Minor Philosophy Minor Physics Minor Political Science Minor Professional Sales Minor Psychology Minor Public Health Minor Public Policy and Administration Public Relations Minor Religious Studies Social Justice Studies Minor Sociology Minor Spanish Minor Spanish for the Professions Sport Management Minor Statistics Minor / Math Majors Statistics Minor/Non Math Maj Theatre and.
27 June
Guide to majors and programs | Political Science
Important issues like social welfare policy, human rights, war and diplomacy are central to political science. Political science majors learn about the impact of government in all these areas, and have substantial freedom to design their course study to meet individual goals and interests. Professional options.
History & Political Science
Computer Science. Counseling. Education. English. Family & Consumer Sciences. Foreign Languages. Government Publications. History & Political Science. Industrial Technology. Kinesiology & Health Studies. ... Statistical Abstracts of the World, Online Edition – The Statistical Abstracts of the World provide summaries of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of many different countries. more info.
7 December
Political Science
Political Science. Program Description This program examines the theory and practice of government and the powerful personalities that affect governmental decisions. ... 5. Increase intellectual curiosity and political awareness. 6. Apply political science skills to critically analyze world governments. 7. Expand knowledge of government (s) and world politics.
Political Science | University Bulletin | The George...
The Department of Political Science, part of the social and behavioral sciences discipline in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, offers a program that examines politics in depth on both a national and international scale. Classroom study is supplemented by opportunities to intern on Capitol Hill or at government agencies.
7 June
Political Science Major < University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
or PU EN AF 215. Introduction to Public Administration. Choose one of the following: BUS ADM 216. Business Statistics. COMM SCI 205. ... POL SCI 480. Senior Seminar/Capstone in Political Science.
5 June
Political Science and Leadership Studies
Political scientists study the origin, development, and operation of political systems and public policy. They conduct research on a wide range of subjects— relations between the United States and other countries, institutions and the political life of nations, politics of ... As a St. Ambrose political science student, you will learn how to think carefully and critically about important questions. You will also learn how to write and speak well, how to ground problems in historic issues and how to collect information to analyze problems.
Paul Gronke, Political Science
Paul Gronke is a professor of Political Science at Reed College, a private 4-year liberal arts institution. Information for this case study was obtained from an interview conducted on August 22nd, 2013. ... In my opinion, students should not be able to earn a liberal arts college degree without some exposure to quantitative reasoning. Certainly I don't think anyone should earn a political science degree without having exposure to statistics and quantitative material.
15 November
The Statistics of Causal Inference in the Social Science
Covers observational studies with and without ignorable treatment assignment, randomized experiments with and without noncompliance, instrumental variables, regression discontinuity, sensitivity analysis and randomization inference. Applications are drawn from a variety of fields including political science economics, sociology, public health and medicine.
14 December
POLS 2370 Introductory Statistics for Political Science (Recommended: dual enrollment in POLS 3370). b – Political Science Electives – 6 hours. Choose from: POLS 2340 Introduction to Political Theory POLS 2350 Political Economy May choose only one: ECON 2301 Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 2302 Principles of Microeconomics.
Political Science | University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Political science is an academic and research discipline that deals with the theory and practice of government and politics and the description and analysis of political systems and political behavior. Political science majors develop excellent critical thinking and communication skills as well as an understanding of history and culture and current events.
30 April
Stony Brook Undergraduate Bulletin - Spring 2013 - POL
POL: Political Science. POL 101 - F: World Politics. Analysis of the basic concepts and issues of international relations in the contemporary international system. ... Elementary statistical methods in empirical political science, focusing on the analysis of public opinion, survey research designs, sampling, and probability. The course considers the application of descriptive and inferential statistics to testing hypotheses on various political issues.
22 August
The political science major is a relatively open major, allow-ing students to choose from a wide range of courses and subjects within a general framework. A common core of courses studies the relationship between values, ideology, and politics (POLS 201); fundamental issues in American politics (POLS 202); the logic of research in political science (POLS 302); comparative approaches and politics (POLS 303); analysis of international politics (POLS 304); and a senior research seminar (POLS 498).
Political Science
Political Science addresses some of the fundamental problems facing human society. Questions concerning world peace, government policies aimed at achieving economic stability and growth, the management of environmental quality, control over political competition, the possibility of using law to affect social and political change, and the gap between the rich and poor in the U.S. and abroad are all on the research agenda of contemporary political scientists.
Department of Political Science
Anthropology Art History and Art Astronomy Biology Chemistry Classics Cognitive Science Dance Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences English History. Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics Modern Languages and Literatures Music Philosophy Physics Political Science Psychological Sciences Religious Studies Sociology Theater.
7 March
Political scientists study power, politics and a variety of political processes, systems and behaviors. ... The discipline of political science covers many topics, from campaigns and elections in the United States, to economic development and democratization around the world, and to diplomacy and globalization. Political science students learn how to address big questions, such as what makes a government legitimate or what constitutes a good society.
Political Science - Catalog
Additional Courses in Political Science to total 39 s.h. One of the following PHIL courses may count towards the major: PHIL 201 Greek and Medieval Philosophy; PHIL 211 Modern Political Thought; PHIL 235 Ethics, Community, and Leadership. ... Requirements for the Minor in Political Science. 18 semester hours POLS 100 American Government POLS 111 Comparative Politics POLS 112 International Relations Three additional Political Science courses.
6 September
Proposal for New Investment in Faculty Hiring in
The UMass Amherst departments of Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Political Science and Sociology propose to hire four new junior faculty, one in each department, in order to connect and build on our existing, disjoint strengths, forming a world-class cluster of excellence in this area.
Political Science 202
The purpose of this course is to help political science majors build skills for interpreting, con-ducting, and presenting political science research. These skills include: basic research and data collection practices, techniques for measuring political science concepts, hypothesis testing, in-terpretation of statistical evidence, and the presentation of ndings in a clear and compelling manner.
Political Science 5001/6001
Political Science 5001/6001 Example: Presenting the results from a logistic regression analysis in a formal paper. ... In logistic regression there is no goodness of fit statistic equivalent to the standard error of the estimate. Also, note that with logistic regression there is nothing equivalent to a standardized regression coefficient. For the sake of clarity and completeness, it is helpful to include an explanation of how the dependent variable is coded in the analysis.
Political Science Program Requirements · Castleton University
Political Science Program Requirements. These requirements are from an excerpt from the University Academic Catalog, which outline the requirements for a student to earn the distinction of being a Castleton University graduate. ... The basic analytical concepts and theories of the discipline of Political Science. The institutions of American politics and government and how they function. American political culture and political behavior.
21 August
Study Political Science at Shoreline Community College.
Political Science — What is it? Are you interested in American politics? International affairs? Critical issues such as health, the environment, and civil rights? ... Political Science is the study of governments, public policies and political processes. Political Science uses both humanistic and social scientific perspectives to examine the ideal forms of government, and how power and resources are allocated in societies throughout the world.
1 March
Political science & government
Political science & government. What can I do with this degree? AREAS. GOVERNMENT Public Policy Research Regional Planning City or Town Management Intelligence Foreign Service Law Enforcement Legislative, Executive, or Judicial Services Program Administration. LAW. POLITICS Elected or Appointed Leadership Campaign Management Staff Administration Special Interest Advocacy.
Program of study
PROGRAM OF STUDY Political Science Associate in Arts for Transfer. The Political Science Department facilitates the success of general education students and political science majors by offering lower division courses in each of the sub-fields: American government, international relations, comparative politics, public law, and political theory.
Political Science Department
Introduction to Statistics for Political Science. ... Comparative Political Analysis: History of Comparative Politics, Concepts the scientific methods, and Logic of Comparison; Classification Systems in Comparative Politics; Case study approach; competing paradigms of orientations in Comparative Political Analysis; the strategy of across-system theorizing; measurement problems in cross-national research.
8 October
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26 December
Political Science
In order to achieve this objective, the department offers the general political science emphasis. This emphasis is open to any student who has an interest in political science but who has not yet focused on a specific career goal. ... • To provide a broad foundation of relevant courses for students who plan careers in law. • To prepare students who wish to pursue future careers in international relations, comparative politics, and national security area. •
Political Science 512: Quantitative Political Analysis
2009. Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning from Data, 2nd edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson-Prentice Hall. Additional materials and readings will be uploaded to the class Blackboard website accessed via Online@UT. ... 5-7. 5. Statistical Inference: Confidence Intervals (10/8,15) Reading: Agresti & Franklin, Ch.
Overview | Political Science at SIUE
Students who major in political science have entered a wide variety of careers in business, government service (at the federal, state and local levels), law, journalism, and public or private interest groups. ... In addition to providing preparation for specific careers, a major in political science provides excellent career-building skills, such as data analysis, research skills, statistical techniques and expository writing.
13 May
Arts and Sciences Faculty Expert Guide | Political Science
Arab and Islamic Studies Astrophysics and Planetary Science Biology Chemistry Communication Computing Science. ... Mathematics and Statistics Political Science Public Administration Psychology Sociology and Criminal Justice Theology and Religious Studies.
Bachelor's Degree > Degree in Political Science
The Bachelor of Science in Political Science degree program examines political institutions, the social and economic forces that shape them, the cultural context within which they operate, and human behavior in political matters. As a political science major, you will hone your analytical and problem-solving abilities and improve your communication skills.
21 January
Graduate Students | Political Science
Puneet is interested in the political economy of financialization, corporate governance, economic inequality, and the history of economic thought. He holds a M.Sc. in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, a M.S. in Computer Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and a B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Mumbai.
8 February
Political Science Career Opportunities
Political science majors qualify for many different careers in business, the law, state, local, and federal government, journalism, international organizations, finance, political campaigns, interest groups and associations, and pre-college and college teaching. Political science training also provides valuable preparation for participating in community organizations, electoral politics, movements on behalf of specific policies, or even seeking elected or appointed positions in government.
24 May
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1 December
English Literature Physics & Astronomy Chemistry & Biochemistry Mathematics & Statistics Biology Mathematics & Statistics Computer Science Dance Economics Modern Languages & Literatures Political Science Mathematics & Statistics.
Political Science electives (12 hours)
College of Arts and Sciences Program Guide. Degree: Bachelor of Arts Major: Political Science Emphasis/Option: Pre-Law Minor (if required): As of Fall 2015. Core (12 hours). ... Notes All Political Science majors (including those in the pre-law emphasis area) are required to take MATH 143 Elementary Statistics, 3 hours, or SOSCI 388 Social Research Analysis, 4 hours. MATH 143 can be used as a General Education substitute for MATH 113 College Algebra.
Major in Political Science... - Wilkes University
The Wilkes University Political Science Department provides an excellent opportunity for students to study politics and government from many different angles. Whether you are interested in studying American Government, Law, International Relations or Comparative Politics, the Wilkes University Political Science major prepares you for the competitive global job market.
3 February
Political science & government
Political science & government. What can I do with this degree? AREAS. GOVERNMENT Public Policy Research Regional Planning City or Town Management Intelligence Foreign Service Law Enforcement Legislative, Executive, or Judicial Services Program Administration. LAW. POLITICS Elected or Appointed Leadership Campaign Management Staff Administration Special Interest Advocacy.
B. A. Political Science (PLS). (With** or Without Teacher Licensure in Social Studies). College: Arts & Sciences. ... A minimum GPA of “C” (2.00) is required in all political science courses. Students planning to do graduate work are encouraged to study a modern foreign language and to acquire a basic knowledge of computer science, statistics and calculus.
Faculty | Department of Political Science
- Any - American Politics Comparative Politics International Relations Political Methodology Political Theory. Name. Richard Avramenko. Associate Professor. ... Professor of Political Science and Evjue Professor of Gender and Women's Studies.
30 September
Political Science Resources (all) | Statistics & Datasets
Political Science: a SAGE journal collection (SAGE). Full text journals covering general political science, American government and politics, political sociology, etc. [more info] Location: Internet. LexisNexis Academic. Contains several full-text databases: current news, laws and legislation, business and company information and more... [more info] Location: Campus/Remote. International Political Science Abstracts (SAGE).
27 June
University of Connecticut
Collections of original source materials for research, primarily in the humanities and social sciences, comprise the foundation upon which the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center is built. It is home to the University Libraries Archives and Special Collections, the Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life, and the Human Rights Institute.
3 September
Political Science Information Sources
This guide is intended to serve as a starting point for those seeking information pertaining to political science from sources provided by the University at Albany Libraries. It includes references to information appearing in either print or digital format. However, users interested in Internet sources may want to consult the companion Internet guides, Political Science and United States Politics & Elections .
29 September
• American Politics • Comparative Politics • Political Economy • Political Methods • Political Thought • Public Policy • World Politics. Students must take five additional upper-division courses in political science, including a writing-intensive Seminar in Political Science. Upper-division work is concentrated in one of four submajor areas: • American Politics • International Relations/Comparative Politics • Public Policy • General.
Political Science
An education in political science at Stetson University is about more than elections, treaties and lawmaking. Political science offers students a broad and challenging preparation for life in public affairs or commerce, whether in this country or abroad. It does so in an environment of small classes and seminars supplemented by a rich array of special opportunities both on and off campus.
20 June
UC Davis General Catalog | Political Science
Political science is the study of politics and political systems at the local, national, and international levels. ... The political science-public service major is for students who desire opportunities for practical hands-on experience in their major. It differs in particular from the political science major in its internship requirement and its focus on the American political system.
1 January
Applied Math for the Life and Social Science Courses
Political Inquiry Empirical Political Inquiry Political Statistics Political Statistics Social Statistics I Research Methods Sociology of Corporations Deterministic & Probabilistic Applied Linear Algebra Intro to Computation Molec Bio Directed Reading and Research Prob& Stat w/apps to L & SS II Elements of Statistics Statistics for Biosciences Intermediate Probability Intermediate Probability Introductory Applied Statistic Probability Probability.
Review Essay
Review Essay. The Qualitative Foundations of Political Science Methodology. George Thomas. David Collier and Henry Brady, eds., Rethinking Social Inquiry: Diverse Tools, Shared Standards (Lanham: Rowman and Littleeld, 2004). Colin Elman and Miriam Fendius Elman, eds., Bridges and Boundaries: Historians, Political Scientists, and the Study of International Relations (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2001). Barbara Geddes, Paradigms and Sand Castles: Theory Building and Research Design in Comparative Politics (Ann Arbor...
Bradley University: Political Science
Political science majors most frequently pursue careers in law, business, governmental service, private political organizations, journalism, and academic political science. ... When selecting courses to satisfy the B.S. requirements, students are strongly encouraged to select from mathematics, computer science, statistics, or quantitative methods. Minor in Political Science.
3 January
Courses & Syllabus | Pondicherry University
P.G.Diploma in Statistical & Research methods (Addon Course). -- 6. Syllabus of M.Sc. Statistics (Regular) from 2013-14. ... P.G.Diploma in Human Rights. -- 4. M.A. Political Science (Five Year Integrated Programme). View.
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16 May
Political Science
Political Science is a popular liberal arts major. We have approximately 150 majors, and we offer a wide range of courses covering American and Comparative Politics, International Relations, Public Policy, Political Theory, and Public Law. Our courses help students develop their critical thinking and analytical skills, and build competence and confidence in oral and written communication.
Statistical and Social
Statistical and Social Science Research Resources. John Smith Access Services Librarian Pence Law Library, Washington College of Law March 19, 2009. Statistics, Social Sciences, and the Law. ? Each informs and helps to explain the others ? General searching ? Specific resources for Anthropology, Business/Economics, Criminal Justice, Government Information, History, Political Science/International Affairs, and Statistics.
Political Science
A Master's Degree in Political Science is an intensive program of specialized study designed to develop students' analytical skills and deepen their substantive knowledge of political science in preparation for such pursuits as law school, teaching, or doctoral studies. ... Students enrolled in the program will choose to concentrate in one of four sub-fields in political science—US politics, comparative politics, international relations, or political theory.
13 November
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8 September
Political Science, B.A. | Political Science | SUNY Buffalo...
The major is divided into four areas: American politics, international politics, comparative politics, and political theory. A variety of courses is offered in each of these areas. Minors are offered in public administration, political science, legal studies and international relations. ... Intellectual Foundations Requirements 33–39 cr. Total Required Credit Hours in Political Science 37 cr. Students will choose one of the following concentrations
14 December
practice of government and politics. Political science holds an important role in liberal arts education, as well as in preparation for careers and graduate study in this growing profession. Students develop a systemic view of the various elements of political science, understand the theory and practice of modern government and politics, and examine current issues and questions of equity, justice and peace.
International Political Economy. Select an additional 3 hours of upper-level (3000-4000) political science courses, as approved by your academic advisor. *Registration for courses marked with an asterisk is restricted to students who have been admitted to International Relations Concentration Accelerated Honors Option, have completed at least 90 credit hours, and 18 hours of political science courses.
28 July
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29 September
Is Political Science for You?
Political science students acquire skills in such topics as extensive politics and leadership; legislative politics; judicial systems; bureaucracies and administrative procedures; comparative government; international politics; public law; state and local government; ethnic rights and politics; politics and the media; and constitutional law.
Unit - University of Canberra
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1 September
Political science & government
Political science & government. What can I do with this degree? AREAS. GOVERNMENT Public Policy Research Regional Planning City or Town Management Intelligence Foreign Service Law Enforcement Legislative, Executive, or Judicial Services Program Administration. LAW. POLITICS Elected or Appointed Leadership Campaign Management Staff Administration Special Interest Advocacy.
Political Science :: University at Buffalo :: » PhD Program
The Department of Political Science at the University at Buffalo makes every effort to insure that students in its Doctoral Program receive both breadth and depth of training that enables them to excel as teachers and researchers in the discipline. ... Four subject areas are regularly offered as major or minor fields in which the Ph.D. Comprehensive Examinations may be taken: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Politics, and Public Law.
19 September
Political Science Bachelor of Science
Specific requirements are as follows: Political Science B.S.: 30 hours. ... · _____ POSC 20123 (Issues in American Politics) or POSC 20144 (Practicing American & Texas Politics) – students cannot receive credit for both: 3 hours. One of the following: 3 hours. o _____POSC 20203 (Introduction to Political Theory) o _____POSC 20303 (Introduction to International Politics) o _____POSC 20403 (Introduction to Public Law) o _____POSC 20503 (Introduction to Comparative Politics).
Study Political Science in China | Political Science... | CUCAS
About Political Science. The Politics science program has a total enrollment of 4000 to 4500 in China with a male to female ratio of 47% to 53%. ... The Politics science program aims to help international students to study Politics in China with specifically designed core courses such as political science, administrative science, statistics, finance, modern management, foreign political system, the Chinese government and administration and etc.
5 February
Political science. The university of mississippi. ... • American politics • Comparative politics • International relations. The department offers competitive funding packages, which include tuition waivers and graduate assistantships, and provides students with conference travel and statistical software support.The university offers a Diversity Fellowship Program in addition to departmental support.
SECOND YEAR. Fall Semester COM 121 Principles of Speaking SPAN 121 Spanish I PHYSICAL AND LIFE SCIENCES (See Below) ELECTIVE (See Below). Total Hours. Credit Hrs 3 4 4 3. 14. Spring Semester HUMANITIES AND FINE ARTS (See Below) GOVT 260 Politics in State and Communities SPAN 122 Spanish II MATH 141 Statistics ELECTIVE (See Below). Total Hours.
Political Science
Political science is the study of government, public policy, political processes and political behavior. The analysis of political activity and political behavior combines scientific method with individual and group psychology to find out why and how political decisions are made.
25 February
Political science & government
Political science & government. What can I do with this degree? AREAS. GOVERNMENT Public Policy Research Regional Planning City or Town Management Intelligence Foreign Service Law Enforcement Legislative, Executive, or Judicial Services Program Administration. LAW. POLITICS Elected or Appointed Leadership Campaign Management Staff Administration Special Interest Advocacy.
Faculty of social
Grenade, Wendy MA Westminster, MA, Ph.D. Miami Lecturer in Political Science Tel: 417-4254. Hinds-Harrison, Kristina BA St. Mary’s, MA Kent, PhD LSE Lecturer in Political Science, Course Coordinator – M.Sc. Integration Studies Tel: 417-4966. Joseph, Debra B.Sc., MSW UWI, PhD Huddersfield Lecturer in Social Work Tel: 417-4865.
NEU Grand Library
Subjects. Political Statistics And Political Science (122). English Turkce. ? You are not logged in. ... 0. Political Science Fifth Edition . An Introduction /. JA.
28 June
Degree Requirements - Political Science | Augsburg College
What Our Students Do with a Political Science Major Careers Stories Degree Requirements Course Descriptions Pre-Law Concentration Public Policy & Political Change Concentration Faculty Beyond the Classroom Model United Nations Internships & Other Opportunities Gary Schiff for Minneapolis City Council Campaign Fellowship Green Corps Environment America Minneapolis Park Board District 3 Campaign Manager Political Leaders of Tomorrow Internship Program Forecasting Tournament...
30 November
Political Science | Saint Michael's College
Political science is an ideal field of study if you are seeking to position yourself for leadership, civic engagement, and an exciting career in a complex, diverse, interdependent and rapidly globalizing society. The political science major at Saint Michael's combines demanding and engaging intellectual coursework with numerous co-curricular programs in which faculty mentor students in academic internships, study abroad, collaborative research, student activism and campus leadership.
22 June
Minor in Political Science
Earning a Political Science degree at Northwest prepares students for multiple employment opportunities in public service and private sectors including federal, state and local government, law, criminal justice system, municipal planning, city management, urban affairs, education, non-profit administration, campaigns and elections, public policy analysis and internal development and relations.
Department of Political Science
Our department combines world-class research with an innovative and intensive approach to teaching undergraduates and PhD students. Founded in 1974, we are by far the youngest of the globe’s top departments – we are rated as the #7 program by the National Research Council, #9 by US News and World Report, and #6 in the London School of Economics and Political Science rankings. UC San Diego Political Science took its place among our...
4 June
Political Science
Reinhardt University offers a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. The program develops critical thinking, analysis and communication skills through a combination of classroom experience and internship opportunities designed to instill students with firsthand experience and practical understanding of governmental policy and practice.
23 December
MAJOR: Political Science Students complete 37 credit hours of political science coursework in addition to the College’s core curriculum. Students choose from a broad course selection that includes international politics, comparative politics, classical and modern political thought, political parties and pressure groups, African politics, Middle-Eastern politics, state and local politics and more.
Political Science | Majors | Illinois State University
Students in Political Science at Illinois State University have some of the greatest opportunities for learning and growth, both as individuals and within the field as a whole. The Department of Politics and Government provides a variety of resources for its majors, an assortment of different student organizations, small class sizes, and full-time faculty teaching all levels of coursework. Why Study Political Science?
12 December
Political Science Major | University of Wisconsin River Falls
Political Science Major: 36 Total Credits. Required Courses: 21 cr. hrs. POLS 114 American National, State and Local Government 3 cr. POLS 200 Political Analysis 3 cr. ... Political Science Majors must take ONE of the following courses: PSYC 201 Behavioral Statistics SOCI 250 Introduction to Social Statistics ECON 226 Introduction to Statistics MATH 216 Elementary Statistical Concepts MATH 226 Fundamentals of Statistics.
Politics and Political Science Degree | Saint Vincent College
The politics department at Saint Vincent College goes beyond daily political issues to examine the underlying questions of political science: What is human nature? ... As a result, students graduating with a degree in politics or political science will be prepared both to discuss contemporary political issues and analyze them in the context of their underlying philosophical and fundamental ideas.
20 December
Page Error | University of Arkansas at Little Rock
12 December
The Political Science major seeks to awaken in students an appreciation and an understanding of politics and government in the broadest and deepest sense. It considers democratic governance the key to civilization, and ethics as central to democratic life. Courses are offered in four major areas: American politics, comparative politics, international relations and political philosophy and theory.
Political Science and Public
"Political Science and Public Policy, by A. RanneyJournal of Politics 32:183-185. ... This Book Review is brought to you for free and open access by the Political Science Department at EngagedScholarship@CSU. It has been accepted for inclusion in Political Science Faculty Publications by an authorized administrator of EngagedScholarship@CSU.
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Political Science
A major in political science or international relations provides students with an understanding of the great issues of politics in a rapidly changing international environment. Employing historical, comparative, philosophical, legal, and experiential approaches to the study of politics, the department places heavy emphasis on student mastery of theoretical and methodological foundations, critical thinking skills, and effective writing and speaking skills.
21 February
Political Science | Catalog
The General Political Science Concentration is a relatively “open” one, allowing students to chose from a wide range of courses and subjects within a general framework. It is designed for students seeking broad exposure to the diverse subjects of the discipline and is recommended for most students. The Global Politics Concentration is for students with an interest in world affairs, comparative politics and international systems analysis.
Sample 4 Year Plan (Fall 2015 Requirements)
GENED Core Political Science 101 Political Science 141. Intrauniversity 104 New Student Seminar (Recommended). Semester Total 3rd Semester Political Science Area 1-5 Requirement GENED Core Elective Course Math 230 Introductory Statistics Minor Course.
Psci 7085: introduction to political science data analysis
Either way, the course is mandatory for political science PhD students. It is taught concurrently with PSCI 7075 (Introduction to Professional Development). It is a prerequisite for the more advanced graduate statistics offerings, PSCI 7095 (Data Analysis 2) and PSCI 7108 (Maximum Likelihood Estimation), both of which are highly recommended (if not de facto required) for a political science Ph.D.
Faculty - Political Science at UC Riverside
Comparative Politics, Mass Political Behavior. Electoral Systems Voting Behavior U.S. and Europe. ... Democratic Theory Social Movements Social Science Methodology.
28 November
Political Sciences
Political science & government. AREAS GOVERNMENT Public Policy Research Regional Planning City or Town Management Intelligence Foreign Service Law Enforcement Legislative, Executive, or Judicial Services Program Administration. EMPLOYERS Federal, state, and local government.
3 December
Political Science
Political Science Course Descriptions - Mount St....
PSCI 100 Foundations of Political Science: Democratic Processes in America (3) With emphasis on social scientific thinking, examines the American political system, including the Constitution, Congress, the presidency, the courts, federalism, elections and campaigns, and political parties. Selected contemporary issues in American politics also examined.
13 June
Political Science & Government
Strategies & Information
Develop skills in computers, statistics, and data analysis.
Earn a graduate degree in political science or public administration for advancement.
22 September
Courses - Political Science Department - Vassar College
Political Science: I. Introductory. 140a or b. American Politics 1. An analysis of the American political system and the structures and processes by which public policies are formulated and implemented. ... Students should come away from the course with both an understanding of the diversity of the world's political systems, as well as an appreciation of the questions and concepts that inform the work of political scientists.
3 May
Political Science
Political Science. 2016-2018 Catalog. Major Requirements (36 credit hours). ... ? ? ? ? ? Public Administration (3 credit hours) Choose one from the following: ? POSC 3338 Internet and Politics ? POSC 3353 The Presidency and the Executive. Branch ? POSC 3354 Emergency Management ? POSC 3357 Public Policy Analysis ? POSC 3371 Introduction to Public Administration.
Political Science
Political Science. broadcasting live on Boston Herald Radio. Companies that have employed Franklin Pierce graduates: Franklin Pierce University has a proud and longstanding connection to. politics—from a name dedicated to the 14th President of the United States, to a former president that served two terms as Governor of New Hampshire
Political Science Research Methods
Thursday, January 12, 2012: The Science of Politics Reading 1 : Pollock (Introduction, pp. 1-5) Reading 2 : Smith, Rogers M. 2002. “Should We Make Political Science More of a Science or More about Politics?” PS: Political Science and Politics: 199-201. Week 2 Tuesday, January 17, 2012: Overview of the Research Process Reading 1 : Kellstedt & Whitten (Chapter 1) Reading 2 : Walsh & Piazza.
Databases: Political Science - Claremont Colleges Library
» more info... Worldwide Political Science Abstracts. ... Citations from periodicals on the left, with primary emphasis on politically and culturally engaged scholarship. » more info... OmniFile. Indexing, abstracts, and available full text in a range of subject areas: business, education, science, humanities, social sciences.
6 August
Research Guides | Political Science | Amherst College
Political Science Database (ProQuest) (1985 to present) Full-text articles from leading political science and international relations journals. Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (1975 to present) Covers international journals in political science and its complementary fields. CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online (1991 to present).
10 April
Political science & government
Political science & government. What can I do with this degree? AREAS. GOVERNMENT Public Policy Research Regional Planning City or Town Management Intelligence Foreign Service Law Enforcement Legislative, Executive, or Judicial Services Program Administration. LAW. POLITICS Elected or Appointed Leadership Campaign Management Staff Administration Special Interest Advocacy.
Political Science Courses Online | Ashford University
Enhance your understanding of political structures, behaviors, and public policy with these undergraduate political science courses. Through your studies, you will explore the essential elements of the political process, examine the functions and purpose of campaigns and elections, and analyze political theories central to the study of comparative politics.
24 December
Associate in Arts in
The Associate in Arts in Political Science for Transfer is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor’s degree in Political Science at a CSU campus. Students completing this degree are guaranteed admission to the CSU system, but not to a particular campus or major. Students transferring to a CSU campus that does accept this degree will be required to complete no more than 60 (semester) units after transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree.
Political Science Department
2308112 Research methods in political science Prerequisite : (2308101) An introductory course to the major methodological and theoretical problems in the micro- and macro analysis in political science focuses an combining qualitative and quantitative methods, research design , techniques of data collection , research ethics, social science logic, sampling and measurement, report and proposal writing and the basic statistical analysis for political science with computer applications .
Political science & government
Political science & government. What can I do with this major? AREAS. GOVERNMENT Public Policy Research Regional Planning City or Town Management Intelligence Foreign Service Law Enforcement Legislative, Executive, or Judicial Services Program Administration. LAW. POLITICS Elected or Appointed Leadership Campaign Management Staff Administration Special Interest Advocacy.
Political Science
Political science is the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems, and political behavior. Are you interested in American politics? ... Theories concerning the ideal government and how power and resources are allocated in society? Do you want to study these subjects and pursue a career based on your interests? If so, you should consider studying political science.
3 October
Political Science | Statistics
International Political Science Abstracts bimonthly Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1951-. Ref JA 36 I5. PAIS International. paper source Jones Ref HB 1 .A1 P35x and online. See also several of the electronic indexes under Social Science. ... Type in the subject followed by “bibliography.” E.g. political science—bibliography. Statistics. The Book of the States. Lexington, Ky.
POLITICAL SCIENCE. Bachelor of Arts Degree. Suggested Curriculum FALL SEMESTER. ... 2016-­??2017 Academic Year SPRING SEMESTER. PLSC 1031 Introduction to Comparative Politics STATS 1561 Stats for Professionals 1 (suggested). Modern Language Distributional Requirement Distributional Requirement.
Statistical Analysis in Political Science I
In the event that a student. violates the University policy on scholastic dishonesty, he or she will be subject to disciplinary penalties, including the possibility of failure in the course and/or dismissal from the University. ... Almond, Gabriel. 1988. “Separate Tables: Schools and Sects in Political Science” PS: Political Science and Politics 21(4): 828-42. Smith, Rogers. 2002. “Should We Make Political Science More of a Science or More about Politics?”
Careers in Political Science — Department of Political...
What can you do with a degree in Political Science? "A degree in political science provides strong preparation for a wide range of careers. Our UofL graduates go on to challenging jobs in government, campaigns, the nonprofit sector, law, public policy, academics, and business, both in the U.S. and abroad.
1 August
B.A. in Political Science Degree Requirements
1. All baccalaureate degree requirements, including the foreign language requirement [check the Degree Requirements section of the University Catalog or the political science website]. Students who enter FAU with fewer than 30 credits must complete Introductory Statistics (STA 2023). 2. Complete a total of 36 credits in political science with a grade of “C” or better.
Undergraduate Programs | Political Science Department
Political Science is the study of how societies govern themselves and interact with one another. Courses of instruction in the Political Science Department are offered in the following subfields: American politics, comparative government, international relations, political philosophy, public law, and public administration.
10 December
Division of behavioral & social science
The Associate in Arts in Political Science for Transfer (AA-T) Degree is intended to meet the lower division requirements for Political Science majors (or similar majors) at a CSU campus that offers a Political Science baccalaureate degree. ... NOTE: Students are advised to check with the Counseling Department or Transfer Center for the courses accepted into the Political Science major at the CSU where they seek transfer.
MISSION: The Political Science Department at Marist College sees its mission as one of enabling students to make sense of the political world and issues they are inheriting, instilling in them an interest in politics, political systems and institutions on all levels, in short, in political life and giving them the tools so they might enable the world to be a better place.
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
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1 February
Tutorials_Political Science | Information Center
It will facilitate your general research on the Web, will guide you to doing research on the subject of political science and also help you with giving correct reference to the material that you will be using in your research. If you are an undergraduate, a graduate student, instructor or researcher, the tutorial will assist your navigation in search of trustworthy information, but also help you to properly cite your resources.
2 March
Department of Political Science « SPIA UGA
The Department of Political Science offers AB, MA and PhD degrees with specializations in American politics, law and courts, and political theory. Known for the quality of their research, the faculty have published in all major political science journals and with leading university presses, have consistently ranked among the most productive in the nation, and have authored several widely used texts.
8 September
Political Science
Political science students also participate in a range of internships, including with the Congressional Black Caucus and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Center, as well as international opportunities. Spelman political science students also garner prestigious fellowships such as Fulbright and Marshall scholarships for postgraduate study abroad. “They are competitive, but so are our students, who are consistently recipients of these awards,” Dr. Pavri said.
6 June
The western political science association has...
26 January
Political science (aa-t)
Associate in arts degree in political science for transfer. REQUIRED CORE: 3 Units. POL 101. American Political Institutions. ... LIST A: (Select three): 9 Units. POL 201. Introduction to Political Science and American Government.
Political Science
Political Science is the study of governments, public policies and political behavior, through humanistic and scientific perspectives and skills to examine all countries and regions of the world. Political science students gain a versatility of skills and a marvelous range of exciting careers in federal, state and local governments, law firms, business, international organizations, and nonprofit associations and organizations.
30 August
Political Science
Modern political science examines politics in the United States, countries and regions of the world and in international relations. It explains how and why public decisions are made. Political Science majors can qualify for a wide variety of careers in public and private sector organizations, including business, law, government, journalism, international organizations and finance, political campaigns, interest groups and secondary and college teaching.
Political Science
Political Science, M.A. - Global Politics
Program: M.A., Political Science. Global Politics. email. print. Home. / College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. ... Completion of University requirements for admission to graduate standing. Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Political Science or completion of “minimum equivalence.” Two letters of recommendation. GPA of at least 3.25 in all undergraduate and graduate Political Science courses.
1 July
Political Science
Interested in politics and government? Experience the world of politics firsthand through internships and partnerships that put you next to some of the nation’s leading policymakers. ... Top Reasons. In Florida Southern’s Political Science program you won’t find the usual lecture approach. Instead, most classes incorporate project work, in-class discussion and debate, guest speakers, video, and interactive strategies. Washington Center.
24 December
Guide for Writing in Political Science
About Writing in Political Science By Dr. Shannon Mariotti. Political science writing asks “why” or “how” questions that help us analyze various kinds of political problems, questions, and puzzles, and to advance informed, well-researched, and substantive arguments. ... There are four subfields to the discipline of political science: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory.
Program: Political Science, B.A. - California State University...
The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science requires 48 units in the major: 39 units in Political Science and nine upper-division units in related disciplines such as American studies, anthropology, criminal justice, economics, geography, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology and statistics. POSC 100 , a graduation requirement for all students, is not part of the major, but is a prerequisite to further work in political science.
26 March
The Political Science Department has posted its learning outcomes as well as measures of the performance of students of BYU students generally and political science majors specifically at the Political Science Department website under the heading “learning outcomes.” Limitations: Because Political Science 200 is an introductory course, we discuss, demonstrate, and practice only basic writing and research principles.
Political Science – History & Politics
Students in the program examine basic questions of political science, including how nations struggle over power and wealth, how political communities reconcile claims of liberty, authority, and justice, and how governments and societies produce the laws and policies that influence our lives. Students choose courses from the major subfields of American politics, international relations and comparative politics, political theory and public law.
6 September
Home - Political Science - Pierce College District 11
Using a number of scientific tools, political scientists are able to examine the processes, policies, and political systems of all cultures and places. ... Since the requirements for each institution vary, these students are encouraged to work closely with their advisor to ensure they meet the requirements of the college they wish to attend after Pierce. Political science major.
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